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13 Best Fitness Band in India 2020

Best Fitness Band in India : With changing lifestyles and eating habits, maintaining a healthy diet has become one of the most difficult tasks. That is when a schedule of solid workouts comes into play. But the most important question is how to monitor fitness? The answer to this question is fitness band. Fitness bands simplify workouts with accurate statistics and related data. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best fitness bands review and buying guide in India.

Best Fitness Band in India
Best Fitness Band in India

Fitness trackers include sensors that measure every activity, including the body's metabolism, and provide you with an accurate sketch of your workout.

It helps to save a lot of time and effort by giving details about your daily exercise routine.

Benefits and Uses of Fitness Trackers

Many Indians, these days, use wearable devices to maintain their health and fitness. A fitness tracker is a device that uses sensors to track your orientation, movement and rotation. The device collects data and converts it into steps, calories, quality of sleep, and general activity that you do during the day. Some trackers also have a sensor called an 'altimeter' that measures your height, keeping track of the number of flights of stairs you have climbed. The fitness tracker can easily detect whether you are running or spinning. The alarm in the tracker reminds you of many things such as completing the number of steps, drinking enough water, standing, walking, sleeping at the right time and more.

The device provides solutions to individuals wishing to work towards specific health and fitness goals. Here are some of the uses and benefits of using a fitness tracker-

Monitor your progress

With a fitness tracker, you want to keep up with the goals that it projects. This is because regular reminders increase your motivation level. A fitness tracker allows you to record your exercise statistics. It creates detailed information — graphics and reports — so you can see how far you have come.

Free workout trainer and tips

When you are a busy person it is difficult to plan a solid fitness routine and follow it religiously. Fortunately, a fitness tracker offers various workout ideas that are customized to meet your current fitness level.

Helps to set achievable goals

To get the best results, you have to set a realistic goal that can be achieved. If you lead a sedentary life and do not exercise then you cannot lose weight. However, if you use a fitness tracker, it will help you to set and achieve realistic goals within the recommended time frame. It also ensures that you do not get de-motivated and leave it in the middle.

Monitoring your health

Indulge in self-care and track your fitness level. A fitness tracker lets you view and record your heart rate, daily calories burned and step count. Self-tracking allows you to stick to a healthy diet, exercise more and sleep better.

User Friendly Fitness Tracker Interface

Regular use of the fitness tracker increases your daily workouts and makes them achievable. Most trackers have built in screens, statistics, vibration alarms and history tracking. These features make it easy for users to check their progress immediately without interrupting their workout sessions.

Helps you stay motivated

There are both good and bad weeks involved in exercising and maintaining a fit body. You should experience them as sleep and activity patterns vary over days, weeks and months. A fitness tracker enables you to set habits that are easily maintainable so that you can achieve your long-term exercise goals. In addition, most tracking devices allow you to share your progress with your friends on social media and create individual workout groups with competitive goals.

It's all in good measure

Why is it suddenly needed to record your fitness activities? Research proves that by tracking your daily activities you can improve our health significantly. Self-tracking can make you sleep better, follow a healthy diet, and exercise more - just tells you about the areas you need to improve. All in real time!

Personal fitness trackers ensure that you can focus on enjoying better health and getting in shape through tracking your daily activities. However, a disease comes without a knock, and you must prepare yourself to fight it. It is advisable to protect yourself against rising medical rates by purchasing a health insurance policy. You can get health insurance policy online without any paperwork.

Here is a list of Fitness Minded Freaks, which is a list of the six best fitness trackers available in the Indian market that come with industry-leading technology and unmatched durability.

13 Best Fitness Band in India

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Smart Fitness Band

It is always better to workout with proper information about your heart rate, calorie burn rate and other such factors. Therefore, it is better that you find a device that can continuously show your health track record as a workout partner.

If you are searching for such accessories, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Smart Fitness Band may be the ideal option for you to try. This highly effective device is a lightweight (31.8 g) fitness band model that works with both Android and iOS.

The swimming-proof Advanced Fitbit Band features a punch display screen that comes with auto activity detection technology. This feature can detect your actual activity whether you are running, playing football or dancing.

Next, what are the benefits of this product? With a 1.5-inch (AMOLED) display size and 216 x 432 screen resolution, this model has a built-in GPS that can track your walking or running route and show you accurate records of time to improve your speed. is. You can easily track your other sports records such as swimming, hiking, running and more.

This highly effective fitness band from Samsung is equipped with many useful sensors such as heart rate sensor, barometer, accelerometer and gyro sensor to measure our daily activities with real data. These unisex digital fitness measuring bands are made of top quality silicone material and come with wireless charging facility.

You can use this digital band to take phone calls and text. It is also supported with 4GB of music storing space to download your favorite songs and music for your workouts.

Let us quickly examine all the features of this product.

Important Features:

  • Come with great design and look
  • A swimming friendly product
  • Curved AMOLED Display Facility
  • Affected by Tizen OS
  • Support both android and ios
  • In-built GPS tracking facility
  • Supported with auto activity detection technology

Best Fitness Band in India

Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker

Are you looking for a perfect device to measure your heartbeat, pulse rate, calorie burn level and things like that during your workout time? If yes, then you can try the Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker as the perfect workout partner for you. Sometimes the most important case is to follow the health data of the measurement device to follow the instructions of the doctor or instructor.

This smart wristband is powerfully supported with a lithium-polymer battery that supports the device for a long 5 days even after continuous use. The device can easily track your heart rate and calorie burning rate for the entire day which can help you adjust your workout and diet.

By the way, what are the technical advantages of this product? This multi-sport tracking band is technically supported with a smart auto-exercise recognition system that can measure your breathing and cardio fitness. It comes with a tap display feature with a large OLED screen. You can use it to take your phone calls, texts, informational alerts and more.

This Fitbit Charge 2 is a unisex model made with stainless steel material. The model is compatible with Android and iOS and is suitable for iPhone 4S, iPad 3 Generation, Android 4.3, Windows 10, Mac OS and all of the above devices.

This digital fitness band can be connected via WiFi and Bluetooth 4 version. You can also enjoy auto sleep tracking, smart-track for a healthy lifestyle, all-day activity and other features with this device.

Before buying us take a look at all the highlighted features and features of this Fitbit model.

Important Features:

  • A stylish band with many features
  • Engineered with SmartTrack Auto Exercise Recognition System
  • Large size OLED tap display screen
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking facility
  • Supported with a powerful lithium-polymer battery
  • 5-day non-stop battery backup
  • Advanced breathing session (based on real-time heart rate)

Best Fitness Band in India

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

Tracking your fitness level has always been a good practice to check your health status regularly. Do you plan to join the club with the proper equipment? If yes, then the Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker may be the best option for you to measure your heart rate, calorie burn level, and more valuable information about your health.

The compact and sleek design of this activity tracking device comes with a swimming-proof and touch-screen feature making it the best activity tracker among all. The product is supported with daily use for a workout, with a long 7-day battery life.

In addition, this fashion-full aluminum brushed Fitbit band is technically designed with a large display plate, making it very easy for its users. Through this device you can track your swimming pool workout due to its anti-water feature.

Now, what are the technical advantages of Fitbit Charge 3? The Fitbit model is designed with a SpO2 sensor, which can measure your blood oxidation level and alert you to breathing disturbances during sleep. This lightweight fitness tracking product looks very impressive in the wrists of both men and women.

Through this fitness device you can easily stay connected to your mobile phone and your calls, messages, notifications and alerts can come. It is the most durable Fitbit model that can help recover your workout and health with the Fitbit Coach.

With its connected-GPS, you can easily track your walking or walking route with this small device. Let us take a look at the best features of this model.

Important Features:

  • Lightweight and stylish fitness tracker
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking capability
  • Crafted with 15+ exercise modes
  • Auto record and analyze your bedtime
  • Stay connected with your phone
  • Recognizes auto exercise facility
  • Measure your calorie burn level effectively

Best Fitness Band in India

Lenovo HX06 Active Smart Band

Lenovo seems to be aiming to move away from its smartphone portfolio to become a major player in the fitness band industry. The HX Series smart fitness trackers currently offer the best value for money deals in the Indian fitness band market.

Design and Build Quality

Lenovo has taken some serious considerations before designing this smart fitness tracker. Although most trackers feature a boxed design, Lenovo has somehow managed the charm for an otherwise bland design. The silicone strap feels solid and durable and fits well on the wrist. The metal lock mechanism is strong and provides a tight fit for wrists of various sizes. There is a gray encashing around the tracking device which when blended with a strap gives the device a premium feel. The build quality is quite good for the price and overall, this fitness band looks really elegant and solidly built.


Lenovo HX06 Active has a resolution of 128 x 32 pixels with a 0.9-inch OLED display. There is a touch-sensitive button at the bottom of the display that can be used to navigate easily through various modes and menus. Since it is an OLED panel, the brightness level is slightly downstream but the crispness and contrast levels of the OLED panel are present. The font size appears large and easily accessible even remotely.


Lenovo HX06 Active Spectra does not come with a heart rate sensor to measure your metabolic activities. This device comes with many sports tracking features like step counter, burn calorie calculator, sleep monitor etc. Speed ​​tracking works very well on this device and distance calculations are on the spot. Lenovo HX06 Active has a live awakening feature which proves very useful if you are a frequent driver. This will alert you in intervals determined by a series of pulsed vibrations that will keep you alert to the environment around you at night.


Lenovo HX06 Active comes with IP67 certification. You can wear this tracker and go out no matter what the weather. Pairing the latest Bluetooth v4.2 with a smartphone, the Lenovo HX06 Active offers a more powerful-efficient stable connection when compared with its predecessors. Lenovo also offers a 1-year international warranty on this product. You can claim your service anywhere in the world whether you purchased it.

Battery Life

The lithium polymer battery inside this device is capable of running for about 7 days on a single charge. Like other new generation fitness trackers, the Lenovo HX06 comes with the Active USB direct charging feature. This will let you charge the device anywhere from the appropriate USB power outlet without the need for any cables or adapters.


The Lenovo HX06 Active is a stylish fitness tracker that is well built and has high quality sensors for precise tracking. With IP67 certification, you can easily carry this tracker with you everywhere, even in the shower, with no fear of damaging the device.

Best Fitness Band in India

HONOR band 5 Activity Tracker

Are you looking for a Fitbit fitness tracker device with a large display and many features? If yes, then the HONOR band 5 activity tracker may be the best option for your use. The model is designed with a 2.41 cm AMOLED display, making your fitness easy and effective for you.

This fitness band is influenced by the Watch Face Store which has various watch faces that can be used according to your style or setting. Its 24 × 7 heart rate monitoring feature with TruSeen 3.0 technology allows you to continuously monitor your heart rate even at night.

This fitness band from HONOR is featured with HUAWEI TruSleep technology that helps you measure, analyze and monitor your breathing and sleep heart rate. There are 10 fitness models inside it that can improve your ability to run, walk and workout.

This fitness measuring device is engineered with a powerful lithium-ion battery that supports the machine to last up to 14 days with continuous use. That fitted band comes with a built-in six-axis sensor that can recognize all four types of swimming strokes — such as breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly.

The device can be easily connected via wireless and Bluetooth to computers, tablets, laptops and more. It comes in a compact package that includes 1 unit smart band, charging cable with dock, a quick start guide, safety information book and warranty card inside the box.

Let us take a look at the supporting features of this skilled fitness band.

Important Features:

  • An effective smart band with AMOLED display
  • Product wristbands with dimensions 4.3 x 1.7 x 1.2 cm
  • TruSleep technology for sleep monitoring
  • Oxygen saturation level track feature with SpO2 monitor
  • Longer battery life (14 days non-stop)
  • 24X7 real-time heart rate monitoring feature
  • Comes with attractive design and color

Best Fitness Band in India

Fitbit Inspire HR Health & Fitness Tracker

Are you planning to buy an ideal digital fitness measuring device for your daily workout? If yes, then you can try the Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker which is technically equipped with many features and facilities to help you track your overall health status throughout the day. It can also display your calorie burn rate, pulse rate, and other useful information that can help increase or decrease your workout schedule.

With the Sleep Tracking feature, this Fitbit Inspire HR band can automatically track your sleep time frame and use light alarms as a reminder for you to fall asleep. The model is equipped with a SmartTrack record system specifically designed to identify and record your workout information such as running, swimming, bike riding, and more.

This Fitbit model is supported with a powerful battery that can support the device for up to five days even in regular use. You can check your real-time distance and running, jogging or walking speed with this smart wristband.

This model is specifically designed to guide you with proper breathing sessions based on heart rate. Its easy-to-use dashboard always helps you to keep track of your every activity smoothly and can also motivate you to do hard workouts day to day.

This Fitbit Inspire HR can be used to check food calories through its food logging option on the Fitbit app. It can also help you reach your goal with a proper diet.

Stopwatches, timers, sleep tracking records and all other essential features are communicated with this smart fitness device. Let us check all the useful features.

Important Features:

  • 24 × 7 heart rate tracking feature
  • Water resistant fitness band
  • Comes with longer battery life
  • Clear led display
  • All Day Activity Tracking Capability
  • Sleep tracking facility
  • Backlit supported with OLED display

Best Fitness Band in India

Noise ColorFit 2 Smart Fitness Band

Go Noise is an Indian company that is popular for its budget Bluetooth speakers and smartwatches. The Noise Color 2 Fit is an affordable price for an affordable, fitness tracker, giving a tough run to established brands like Xiaomi.

Design and Build Quality

The Noise Color Fit is a rectangular tracker module in 2 bands made from high quality plastic. There is no flex or lateness seen or felt on the chassis. The device is very light and comfortable to wear 24 × 7. This fitness tracker strap is made of TPU and is available in many attractive colors. This strap is abrasion resistant and is easily very elastic for wrists of various sizes.


The Noise Color Fit 2 has a 0.96-inch TFT LCD color display. The display is vertically oriented and has a touch-sensitive button for navigating through the UI. The screen is very bright and offers vibrant colors and pixelated animations that look delightful on such a small screen.

The sensor

2 Fit's fitness tracker from Go Noise is a fairly accurate steady heart rate sensor under the body. Having a constant heart rate monitor allows you to manually check readings by activating the sensor from the menu. This saves a lot of battery unlike premium fitness trackers that always feature on-heart rate sensing. This sensor can also be used to detect blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, but to be honest, these functions are not an option for professional checkups. There is an accelerometer sensor for step counts and calorie burn calculations. Features such as motionless reminders also make this tracker a more useful tool.


Colored TPU straps are readily available to purchase from the Go Noise website, using which you can give the device a new look. The device comes with IP67 certification and can be used in rain and dust without fear of damage. The Noise Fit 2 Tracker comes with a remote shutter button option that connects to a remote device via Bluetooth. It also has a media control option that can be used to leave, pause and replace your smartphone or any other Bluetooth enabled device.

Battery life

The 110mAh Li-ion battery inside this fitness tracker is rated to last 7 days on a single charge. However, these numbers may vary accordingly, based on data on the use of individuals.


The Noise Color Fit 2 Fitness Tracker is a value for money device that has a delightful color display with standard sensors to track your movements and metabolic rate. The interchangeable straps available in various colors make it an ideal choice for youngsters who want a fashionable and stylish looking fitness band that is publicly viewable.

Best Fitness Band in India

Garmin Vívofit 4 Fitness Tracking Watch

Monitoring your health status is the most important part when you are doing workouts. Are you looking for an appropriate tool to measure your heart rate, pulse or regular calorie burn level? If yes, then you can choose Garmin Vívofit 4 Fitness Tracking Tracker to check your daily fitness activities in a single smart device.

This Garmin Vvvofit 4 fitness band comes with attractive color performance and long battery life (1-year). The device is technically featured with several advanced technologies that make your fitness testing tasks simple and easy to investigate.

The fitness device has a customizable color display option and requires no charging time to run. It is a 100% water resistant product that is suitable for measuring your swimming activities.

Now, what are the measurement features of this product? This fitness band can measure your heart rate as well as walking phase, running phase, while covering or walking, calorie burn rate and more information related to your health. It is supported with a sleep tracking feature that can help you take proper sleep sessions to suit your body perfectly.

The fit-band model of the Garmin Vvofit is made up of the Garmin Connect system that detects all your fitness activities such as running, walking or swimming and automatically displaying results. With an 88 x 88 pixel resolution display, this device can store your activity data in memory for up to 1 month.

The color display screen of this model is always on, making it easy for its users to read even in direct sunlight. Let us take a look at the useful features of this model.

Important Features:

  • Supported with 1 year battery life
  • No charge needed
  • Always on-display for better viewing
  • A swimming friendly water resistant product
  • Customizable Screen Color Options
  • Measures heart rate, calorie burn rate, pulse rate and more
  • Attractive design and color

Best Fitness Band in India

Mi Smart Band 4 India's No.1 Fitness Band

Do you want to take your regular workouts to the next level by looking at your fitness information? If yes, grab the Mi Smart Band 4 to measure more data related to your heart rate, calorie burn level, and your health status during a workout. Its strong 5ATM waterproof is built which makes it a perfect fit band for various sports such as running, walking, swimming, cycling and more.

This water and scratch resistant device is designed to continuously track your heart rate, along with daily step count, distance covered and sleep cycle. It is a compatible product with Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 or above.

By the way, what are the technical features for this product? This Smart Band 4 of Mi is technically supported with great connectivity options with Bluetooth 5.0 and WiFi. It has a 120X240 RGB AMOLED display screen.

This fitness data measuring unit is made up of a powerful LIPO, 135MAH battery that can easily support the device for up to 20 days even after daily use. To run this product properly you just need to download and install the LEFUN HEALTH web application.

Its 24/7 automatic heart rating monitoring system makes it the most attractive model among all. You need to charge the battery for 120 minutes to fully charge it and enjoy your fitness tracking to improve your health status through a workout.

The product is made with high quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material which helps the device last longer. The model is equipped with all useful sensors such as capacitive proximity sensor, PPG heart rate sensor, 3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope to track fitness information properly.

Important Features:

  • 0.95 inch AMOLED color display
  • An effective fitness band with long lasting battery
  • Supported with top-quality sensors
  • Measure heart rate continuously
  • Powerful Lithium Polymer Battery (20 Day Support)
  • Supports Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 OS
  • Supported with AMOLED color display (touch)

Best Fitness Band in India

Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band

Are you looking for the right tool to continuously measure your heart rate while exercising? If yes, then you should try the Fitbit Alta HR Smart Band which is supported with many advanced features and technology to provide the ultimate fitness data about your health. The product's thinnest and comfortable design makes it a more easy-to-use device for its users.

This smart and fitness monitoring device is a unisex product that can help you measure your heart rate, burn calorie rate, track your walking or running steps and measure the distance covered. It is a compatible product with Windows, Android phones and iPhones.

This beautifully designed fitness band is designed with an auto sleep tracking system that can measure your sleep cycle. This can provide you with the right time to take a sleep session that can positively affect your health.

This water resistant Fitbit Alta HR model comes with an OLED display screen, which makes your job easier even in bright sunlight. The tool has a reminder setting option that alerts you to move daily for a workout.

Next, what are the functional benefits of this product? This fitness equipment is technically supported with many sensors such as accelerometer, optical heart rate tracker and vibration motor which helps in tracking all your health information quickly.

The product is engineered with a powerful lithium polymer battery that can support equipment for continuous use for up to 5 days. Let us examine all the important features of this 23 lightweight fitness wristbands.

Important Features:

  • Track heart rate continuously with PurePulse technology
  • Auto sleep tracking facility
  • Specifically designed to measure cardio fitness levels
  • Transmit auto exercise detection system
  • Can be used for calling, text and others
  • A water resistant unisex model
  • Designed with OLED display screen

Best Fitness Band in India

Honor Band 4 Best Smart Band

Are you searching for the best tracking partner for workouts that can measure your heart rate, calorie burn rate, and more useful information about your health? If yes, then Honor is the best solution for you. Honor Band 4, the most effective fitness band comes with great features and functionalities that can effectively measure your health status during a workout.

Honor is one of the most popular names in this segment and Honor Band 4 is known for real-time heart rate monitoring and scientific sleep monitoring. This waterproof product is supported with an AMOLED display screen that helps you check data even in bright sunlight.

The fitness band is technically supported with Huawei TruSleep technology that can help you with the right sleep pattern to suit your body by monitoring your sleep position. This infrared technology also helps you with 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring and high heart rate alert.

Now, what are the features of this fitness band? The fit band unit performs various methods of exercising such as cycling, running, walking, swimming and more. It has a powerful 100 mAh lithium polymer battery that can give this device a backup power of up to 17 days for a long time with a single charge.

This Honor Band 4 is technically advanced with a six-axis sensor for quick identification. It is a compatible product with Android and iOS operating systems.

The Fit Band model can be wirelessly paired with your other smart device with Bluetooth v4.2 version. Let's take a look at the useful features of this product.

Important Features:

  • Supported with large AMOLED touch-screen display
  • Supported with TruSleep technology for sleep monitoring
  • Water resistant and unisex models
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring capability
  • Long battery backup for 17 days
  • Crafted with multiple game modes
  • Infused with six-axis sensor

Best Fitness Band in India

Samsung Galaxy Fit E Fitness Band

Measuring fitness information in workouts is the most important part of any man or woman. Are you looking for the right gadget to measure your heart rate, calorie burn rate or other fitness activities? If yes, then you can try Samsung Galaxy Fit E Fitness Band not only in your workout session, but also for its excellent output for the whole day.

This digital unisex fit band from Samsung is made of high quality rubber material that suits all skin types of users. This makes the gadget a lighter product to use throughout the day.

This Galaxy Fit E model comes with an impressive battery life that allows you to receive continuous health notifications without losing smartphone connection. The water-resistant feature of this fitted band allows you to work or play outdoors in the rainy season.

If you stay connected then you can get all the notifications and alerts of your smartphone in this smart band. You can also receive call and text to someone through this device.

The auto-detect feature of this fit-band can easily detect three activities (running, walking and dynamic workout) according to the users. Through the Samsung Health App, this device displays your heart rate before starting your activity.

This auto sleep tracking technology can analyze your sleeping patterns by detecting your movement during sleep and return to you with a better solution that suits your body perfectly. The slim and lightweight design of this Galaxy Fit E has always been an attractive point for buyers.

Let us take a look at the main features of this effective fit band.

Important Features:

  • A lightly designed fit band
  • Supported with longer battery life (6 days)
  • Water resistant and floating products
  • Featured with PMOLED touch display screen
  • A durable product made of rubber material
  • Auto sleep tracking facility
  • Accelerometer, affected by HR sensor system

Best Fitness Band in India

Huawei Band 3 Pro All-in-One Fitness Activity Tracker

If you want to fully measure your workout activities with a comfortable and lightweight device, then Huawei Band 3 Pro All-in-One Fitness Tracker may be the best option for you. This anti-water fitness band is powerfully supported with a high power 100 mAh lithium polymer battery that can support the device for up to 30 days for a long time with only one charge of 1.5 hours.

You can enjoy all the useful tracking systems such as heart rate tracking, walking or running steps tracking, covered distance tracking and sleep tracking. This digital unisex fit band is made of high quality silicone material making it a durable and long lasting product.

This Huawei Band 3 Pro comes in a compact package with 1 smart fitness band unit, charging unit and a user manual book inside the box. The product is technically supported with effective sensors such as IR sensors and accelerometers to check the appropriate data on its display screen.

Bluetooth v4.2, EDR is the connectivity option for this effective 45 x 19 x 11 mm dimensions fitness band and is a compatible product of Android v4.4, iOS. It comes in black color which makes the product terrible for buyers.

Next, what are the advantages of this band? This fit-band can be used to make phone calls, text, calendar reminders, timers, and more. It is the lightest band with a weight of 25 grams which is simple to carry in your wrist.

Let us take a look at the main features of this fitness band.

Important Features:

  • An effective fitness monitoring unit
  • Water resistant unisex fit band
  • Baked with a powerful battery with 30 days backup
  • Is equipped with advanced sensors
  • Android v4.4, a compatible product for iOS
  • Comes in attractive black
  • A durable and long lasting fitness band

Best Fitness Band in India

How Fitness Tracker Works ?

When we hear an interesting conversation between a monkey and an elephant, the next day we set out through the Wonderopolis jungle:

Monkey: Hey Ellie! What is that thing on your trunk?

Elephant: Oh this? It is a fitness tracker. I am trying to lose some weight.

Monkey: But you're the biggest animal in the forest!

Elephant: But I don't have to be!

We were impressed with Ellie's approach to life. We are not sure if fitness trackers are really catching on in the animal world, but we know that they are very popular with humans these days.

Today, wearable fitness trackers come in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, they can communicate with your smartphone so that you can quickly react to various parameters, such as the number of steps you take, and your heart rate, as you exercise.

Pedometers that keep track of the steps you take are for years. Today's fitness trackers, however, take advantage of new technology and sophisticated algorithms to track different types of exercise and estimate how many calories you burn during exercise.

Most modern fitness trackers use a three-axis accelerometer as their primary sensor. This advanced piece of technology measures start, end of motion, and acceleration based on intensity.

Fitness trackers gather data that can then be processed with an internal computer chip and / or smartphone application. The data is processed with a proprietary algorithm that converts the data into useful statistics, such as number of steps and miles.

Depending on what kind of fitness tracker you have, it may have additional sensors. For example, an altimeter can measure altitude to track the number of flights of stairs you climb. Optical sensors can measure your pulse by shining a light on your skin. Sensors can also measure wrist movements during sleep to let you know that you are getting quality sleep.

Unfortunately, fitness tracker sensors are not perfect. The data collected can vary widely across different devices. They are also affected by peculiar arm movements, gesturing and inadvertent movements.

Even though fitness trackers are not perfect, they still help you exercise more and lose weight, right? Well ... recent scientific studies have doubted the efficacy of fitness trackers.

For example, a recent study measured weight loss in a group, half of which reported their diet and exercise and half of which used a fitness tracker. At the conclusion of the study, the group with fitness trackers had lost their weight.

The scientists studying the study suggested that fitness trackers could reduce actual physical activity, leading people to believe that they exercised more than they did and therefore could eat more. Others suggested that some people might be discouraged from failing to meet daily fitness tracking goals, leaving them with less to exercise and more to eat.

From this and similar research some experts have suggested that fitness trackers may not work the same for all people when it comes to losing weight and exercising more. They can work great for some people who are already motivated to exercise. For others, they may not make much difference in terms of making meaningful lifestyle changes.

Best Fitness Band in India : If there is any other fitness band on your list, please comment in the section below. We will try to give you all the details of that product.